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Saj Salickram

Co-founder @sapphiregp @fridayfeels | Investor @theavayagroup 

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My Story

Saj Salickram has followed her joys through a pretty unconventional path. After graduating from NYU Stern with a buttoned-up degree in Finance she gravitated toward the emergent NY tech startup scene like a moth to a flame. She went on to build a career in BD & partnerships at companies like The Ladders,, The Data Incubator, The Alibaba Group, PartnerReady and Luno. 


She’s led partnership strategy across many fascinating industries and clients including e-commerce, cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, real estate & fintech.


Since 2011, Saj began investing in distressed real estate in the US and has worked on a variety of distressed residential transaction types.


Currently, she spends her time: 


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