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Bustling New York

The Avaya Group LLC was formed in 2018 as a full service consulting firm.

Welcome to The Avaya Group, your gateway to strategic real estate investment and revitalization. With a focus on distressed properties, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to maximize value, foster community growth, and ensure the success of every investment endeavor.

We specialize in diversified real estate investments such as the acquisition and management of US distressed debt instruments and real estate including: performing and non-performing notes, REOs, short-sales and off-market residential and commercial inventory. 

Asset Management

The Avaya Group specializes in identifying distressed properties worldwide. Through our keen market insight and localized knowledge, we uncover hidden opportunities and develop innovative strategies to revitalize these properties, delivering exceptional returns on your investment.

Our asset management team navigates the complexities of distressed debt investment: from acquisitions to dispositions to negotiating settlements, we optimize your returns through innovative restructuring and resolution strategies.

For buy and hold investments, our expert construction management team oversees every aspect of the renovation process. From project planning and budgeting to on-site supervision, we ensure that your investment undergoes seamless transformation. Quality craftsmanship, timely completion, and cost efficiency are our hallmarks.

Why Choose The Avaya Group?

Holistic Approach: The Avaya Group provides end-to-end solutions, from property identification and renovation to management and financing, ensuring a seamless investment experience.

Global Reach:
 Benefit from our  presence and local expertise, enabling you to explore diverse markets and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Innovation and Expertise: Our team combines innovative approaches with industry expertise, ensuring your investments are strategically managed and yield maximum returns.

Community Impact: The
 Avaya Group is committed to revitalizing communities, driving economic growth, and enhancing living standards through our transformative projects.

Your Vision, Our Expertise:
Partner with The Avaya Group and embark on a transformative journey where distressed properties evolve into thriving investments, communities flourish, and your financial aspirations reach new heights.

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